BNP Investments LLC, EStablished in Dubai in 2018 is an investment, consulting and financial services firm, providing a gamut of financial and corporate solutions covering trade finance, working capital, finance for M&A, growth capital for business and investment initiative. Target clients include corporates, mid cap companies, small businesses and sole proprietorships, entities with International operations, in the sectors of oil and gas, renewable energy, healthcare, construction, agribusiness, mining, humanitanan projects.

The Company business model is predicated on the use of fresh cut and cash backed bank guarantee (BG) and/or Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) from AAA+ rated Standard and Poor/ Moody's/ Fitch international banks and transmitted through SWIFT MT 799 and MT 760. All the company transactions are handled through regulated banking channels. The highest standards of compliance are adopted. Apart from local compliance advisors in different jurisdiction, a firm of solicitors in the City of London reviews compliance on ongoing basis.

BNP has been registered as FPI in India by a DDP in terms of the SEBI guidelines. The Company in the process of sponsoring (sole) an Alternative Investment fund (Category II) and co sponsoring another AIF (Category Ill)